Joshua Cooper, MD, FACS



Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery by Josh Cooper, MD, FACS

Using the latest, minimally-invasive surgical approaches, Dr. Cooper offers a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for the face, breast and body. Whether your surgery is cosmetic or reconstructive in nature, choosing to entrust your care with Dr. Cooper reflects a personal choice. Please begin your investigation of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery by reviewing the list of procedures Dr. Cooper performs.

  • Face

    Dr. Cooper has extensive experience with cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face including: browlift, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), fat transfer, facelift,...

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  • Breast

    Dr. Cooper has extensive experience with cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery including: breast augmentation, breast lifts (mastopexies), breast reduction,...

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  • Body

    Dr. Cooper has a vast experience with all body contouring procedures including: abdominoplasties (tummy tuck), liposuction, thigh lifts, brachioplasties (arm...

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  • Hair Transplantation

    Hair loss or balding, also known as alopecia, affects many men and also women. Hairstyle can really help define who a person is, and hair loss can be a devastating...

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  • Body Contouring After Weight Loss

    After major weight loss, many patients are left with excess sagging skin of the upper arms, breasts, abdomen, and thighs. Dr. Cooper performs arm lifts, breast...

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  • Rejuvenation with Botox and Fillers

    Are you bothered by that furrow you see between your eyes? Many patients tell Dr. Cooper that they are tired of appearing "angry." After a Botox treatment, you'll...

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  • Reconstructive

    Dr. Cooper, Seattle plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgeon, performs breast reconstruction for women after mastectomies due to breast cancer. He also is...

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