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Gallery - Earlobe Repair

Dr. Cooper

Earlobe Repair Photo Gallery, by Dr. Cooper

Gauged Earlobe Repair 1

This patient had very large gauged piercings that she desired to have closed.  Dr. Cooper, Seattle plastic surgeon at Sound Plastic Surgery, PLLC, closed these earlobe piercings and restored her normal earlobe shape.  These photos were taken 3 months after the procedure.  With time, these scars will continue to fade quite a bit. 

Gauged Earlobe Repair 1


Gauged Earlobe Repair 2


Stretched Earlobe Repair 3


Gauged Earlobe Repair 4


Torn Earlobe Repair 5


Gauged Earlobe Repair 6


Earlobe Repair 7


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