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Can I have a breast reduction without having my nipples reattached?

Dr. Cooper

Can I have a breast reduction without having my nipples reattached?

-The answer to your question is "yes," however, this is rarely performed because the overwhelming majority of women would like their nipples/areolas to look as normal as possible after their breast reductions.

-I have had two patients, both quite a bit older than you, who had extreme breast ptosis (sagginess of the breasts) along with very large breasts, and these patients wanted their breasts to be very small AND they desired to not have free nipple grafts (whereby the nipples/areolas are removed and sewn back on in the appropriate position as skin grafts.)

-They both did great, were happy with the outcome of their operations, consented to undergoing complete removal of their nipples/areolas, and did not miss this portion of their breasts postoperatively.

-HOWEVER, this is uncommonly performed (less than .5% of my breast reduction practice) and breasts without nipples/areolas do look somewhat strange!

-In 99% of breast reductions I perform, the nipples/areolas are moved to the appropriate position based on the blood supply from a superio-medially based pedicle.

-I recommend you meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns. Thanks for your question!


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