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Jun 09

Dr. Cooper

Tummy Tuck in Seattle with Dr. Cooper

by Dr. Cooper

I see a lot of women who no longer feel comfortable wearing a bikini!  Some have lost a lot of weight and are bothered by excess abdominal skin.  Many women after pregnancies are left with extra skin and weak abdominal muscles that have become separated in the center.  These mothers, no matter how many situps or abdominal exercises they do, will not be able to obtain a flat tummy.  Only a tummy tuck has the power to restore a toned and flat abdomen. 

One of my favorite operations for Seattle women is the tummy tuck procedure!  The results can be dramatic!  My patient pictured below was able to wear a bikini (notice her tan) in the Bahamas after her tummy tuck!  She hadn’t worn a bikini since her teenage years! She regained so much confidence thanks to this operation.


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